Outreach is ministry goal is to reach out to our fellow members and neighbors by visiting and praying with the sick ones at home, in nursing home, hospital and serving the homeless and those who are in prison and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus to the hopeless individuals.

To join one of the above team, please visit the Ministry Interest Form page to fill out the following form and the appropriate personnel will get in touch with you.

Ushering Ministries


Touching lives of others by serving the body of Christ with love, care, and dedication.

Transportation Service


Pick-up and drop-off of church members who are unable to attend church services due to lack of transportation. Also reaching out to members in the church that are in need of transportaion for doctor visits.

Car Care Services


Checking oil and performing oil change services for single families and widows.

Men's Singing Group


Committed to being part of a group of men lifting the Almighty on high through the songs and hymns.

Maintainence Team


Maintain the GSHAC facility in order to keep it in shape to support ministries and accommodate God’s people in a safe environment.

Housekeeping Ministry


Maintaining the house of the Lord and keep in clean to provide a favorable environment for worship.

Young Men Mentorship Ministry


Becoming a mentor who can leave a legacy behind and boost and equip the young men of GSHAC to serve God to the fullest potential and teach them how to become a man of integrity while living in the untrustworthy society.

Parking Lot Ministry


Provide Parking assistance especially to the elders while ensuring the safety and security, directing traffics, and serving as greeters by becoming the first contact with those coming to church.