Who We Are

We are a missions group from Good Samaritan Haitian Alliance Church.  We have the desire to share Gods love with the world. Many of our members were born and raised in Haiti. They moved to the United States to obtain opportunities for their families that were not available in Haiti. God has blessed us plenty and we feel that it is our responsibility to bless others. Haiti is still close to our hearts and drives us to make a difference in the place that still is home.

What We Do

Since 2001 God has allowed us to take mission trips to Haiti. There we impact lives with things often took for granted in the states. Every year a team of volunteering doctors, nurses, and others wanting to do Gods work come together to change lives. We address some medical needs, teach and evangelize to the eager people of Haiti. With God as our provider, we are able to supply food, clothes and other necessities that can help the daily lives of Haitians.

Where We Go

We are a missionary church that views the whole world as a possible destination to show God’s love. However our missions trips have been concentrated to the desperate needs of our home Haiti. There we work in many cities and villages. We work in Port-au-Prince, Gonaives, Marchand, Dessalines, Cap-Haitien, Grison- Garde (North), and Leogane(Signo). Wherever God sends us we will go.